Bolt Service Guarantee

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Bolt Security Guard Services strives to provide you with quality service.

We care about your safety and we will continue to do so as a commitment to our clients. With the Bolt Security Guard Services guarantee, we promise that you will always get the highest level of service, guaranteed.

Quality Security Services from Bolt Security Guard Services in Tucson AZ
Emergency Security Service from Bolt Security Guard Services in Tucson AZ

24-7 Support Team for Security Guard Services

The dedicated support team at Bolt Security Guard Services is available 24-7. Consisting of both our dispatch personnel and our customer service team, we are always available to make sure your needs are being met. From consulting to sales, and everything in between, we are always there for you.

Emergency Security Guard Service

We provide on-call service through our team of guards, because we know security needs can strike at anytime.

Personalized Service

Our success comes from our attention to detail, and the personalized service delivered to each and every client. Our clients are people, not numbers, and you will be treated as such.

Customized Security Solutions

We know not every job is the same, and because of this our sales, support, and team of guards will develop a plan that fits you or your business. Schedule an appointment today, or request a free quote today at

Customized Security Guard Services Tucson AZ



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