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Bolt Security Guard Services is dedicated to managing all aspects of a client’s security, with a professional team focused on delivering uncompromising customer service to our Tucson, AZ clients. Every Security Solution that we offer is customized to each client’s individualized needs and includes the best qualified security guards in the business using the latest in Security Technology.

What Makes Our Security Company Different?

Bolt Security Guard Services specializes in providing unarmed and armed security protection for VIP clients; guarantees topnotch security; and is results oriented. And because we are locally owned and operated right here in Tucson, AZ, a client can be confident that whenever a need arises, the response will be immediate and thorough.

Bolt Security Guard Services’ ability to promptly respond to unexpected situations and the immediate security needs of our clients is what distinguishes us from other Tucson area security guard companies and keeps us connected to the pulse of the customers that Bolt Guard Services protects. We can avoid the layers of corporate management, associated with other security firms, and quickly act as needed to prevent continued incidents.


As noted earlier, Bolt Security Guard Services, is locally-owned and operated, and has been servicing the Tucson and the entire State of Arizona since 1999.

Bolt Security Guard Services’ effort to build and promote security guard services has truly raised the bar in the security industry with meticulous attention to detail. As President, Diana Zellers and her team of experts oversees the security guard personnel selection process, assuring that each security assignment is staffed to ensure that the client is receiving the finest security service possible.

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Our Mission

Our Philosophy within our company coincides very strongly with our vision for Bolt Security Guard Services. Every employee knows that our success relies upon one another and that of our customer’s confidence in our abilities. Dedication to our mission revolves around our Core Values as a security company. These Core Values are Knowledge, Dedication, Teamwork and Professionalism. The primary mission of our company is to take the worries away from our clients. We make it so our clients can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that they, their families, and their possessions are as safe as can be, whether they are home or away.

Our vision is one of the future, both for our company and that of the security industry in general. Times are changing and security is fast becoming a primary concern of everyone. At Bolt Security Guard Services, we want to make it as easy as possible in working with us. We have set ideas and plans in motion today that benefit our customers of tomorrow.

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If you strive to be a qualified and well-rounded security professional, we have the basic and specialized training you need to improve your security expertise.

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